Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stupak Wants A Clean Conscience. But He Wants ObamaCare Too.

Congressman Bart Stupak's promise to vote against ObamaCare is something I very much appreciate but I still can't help but worry a bit about the depth of his pro-life convictions. Yes, I know that most pro-life leaders are praising him now as a hero but I'm bothered by how he played this game the last time around. I'm bothered too by his scoring only a 71% rating by the National Right to Life Committee in the last Congress.

And I'm especially bothered by the statements he made yesterday, statements which suggested that the best case scenario for him was to have his personal principles and his health care "cake."

From the Jeffrey Young and Bob Cusack article in The Hill:

The ideal outcome, Stupak said, might be for the House Democratic leadership to get the votes they need without him and for the bill to pass. “You know, maybe for me that’s the best: I stay true to my principles and beliefs,” he said, and “vote no on this bill and then it passes anyways. Maybe for me is the best thing to do.”


After a pretty un-heroic whine that the controversy has been "a living hell" for him, is Congressman Stupak suggesting that more abortions -- and taxpayer-funded abortions, at that, are acceptable -- as long as his own conscience is clear?