Friday, March 19, 2010

Questions for Nebraska Attorney General Go Unanswered: "Sorry, This Can't Leave This Office."

Claire has been trying (unsuccessfully) to get a few answers to simple questions from the office of Nebraska State Attorney General. In the following lines, she sums up her quest.

"A few weeks ago I called Attorney General Jon Bruning's office to ask what they were doing about the very serious complaints that had been made against abortionist Leroy Carhart -- complaints that had been made from his former employees and which had been featured in numerous news stories. Those former employees spoke of criminal actions inside Carhart's abortion clinic, as non-medical personnel 'routinely assisted with surgeries, started IVs, and dispensed medication without the proper credentials.' There were also claims that Carhart was sometimes chemically impaired while on duty.'"

"Pretty serious matters."

"I also wanted to know if theAG's office was aware of the remarkable (and ever-increasing) evidence against Planned Parenthoods across the country, specifically about the audio and videotape recordings of Planned Parenthood staffers all across the country being caught in criminally covering up statutory rape. I was given no answers except that the man who might know about these things wasn't around. Only one person in the office was possibly aware of this? There was no one else to answer questions or look things up? Not a good start."

"A couple days later, however, I was called by Deb Owens. I told her what I wanted to know and was promptly informed that she would have to talk to someone else in the office and get back to me. More than a week went by without that call-back so I telephoned the AG office again. She still had no answers for me but promised she would get back to me. Finally, this morning, she did. But her answer (after all this time, remember) was that she had nothing she could tell me. 'There are certain things in this office that can't be told.' Nothing? Not 'We're working on the matter' or 'We've seen the videotapes' or even 'We're looking into the charges.' Nothing but 'There are certain things in this office that can't be told.'"

"It seems odd (and rather irresponsible) that it took a few weeks for the AG office to finally come up with that non-answer. Especially given Jon Bruning's high-profile statements about being firmly pro-life. Worse still, it doesn't give one much hope that the Attorney General is actively investigating either Leroy Carhart or Planned Parenthood."

"I hope I'm wrong."

"But if there are certain things in the Nebraska Attorney General's office that can't be told, there are certain things that we can tell the Nebraska Attorney General's office. So I'm asking you to make your own calls and send your own letters to Jon Bruning and ask him the same questions that I did. Let's get something going here. You may want to use the Omaha World-Herald story and/or material from Live Action as foundations for your requests. Here's the contact info. Let's move on this, guys, in order to try and get the AG to move too."

Mailing Address:
Jon Bruning
Office of the Attorney General
2115 State Capitol
Lincoln, NE 68509
Telephone: (402) 471-2682