Friday, February 26, 2010

The Tragic Double Standard That Protects Abortionists

"If Planned Parenthood Were Toyota" -- That's the very potent piece over at the National Catholic Register written by Pat Archbold. It's a very good article, one you might forward to legislators and your state attorney general as well as your friends. Here are excerpts:

As you probably have heard by now, President and CEO of Toyota Corp., Akio Toyoda was dragged before Congress this week to explain why his company did not do more to address critical safety issues with their vehicles that resulted in several deaths.

Vehicle safety is surely an important issue and we expect companies, when they become aware of these issues, to deal with them promptly and effectively. Lives depend on it.

It was in this context that Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) addressed Mr Toyoda saying: “I am not satisfied with your testimony,” she said. “I do not feel it reflects sufficient remorse for those who have died, and I do not think you have accurately reflected the large number of complaints that have been filed for more than a decade. Where is the remorse?”

Where is the remorse? It is a very good question. What may have been missed during the overwhelming media coverage of Toyota’s failing is the much greater health threat posed by the abortion industry...

Death is one thing, continued illegal activity is another. One might expect that proof of illegal activity at abortion clinics might be enough to trigger investigations and at least a little outrage. You would be wrong.

A young pro-life activist named Lila Rose has used a hidden camera and YouTube to expose repeated violations of the law by Planned Parenthood. To date, there have been no calls on the national level for investigation and there are likely none forthcoming.

The truth is, many more people have died from ‘legal’ abortion than have been killed by faulty Toyota vehicles. The number of women injured by abortion, both psychologically and physically, dwarfs those injured by vehicle safety issues...