Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Huh? Feminists Protesting Susan B. Anthony Museum?

Jill Stanek has a story (with links for those who want to dig a little deeper) about pro-abort feminists having a fit about the opening of the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace and Museum, in Rochester, New York.


Why would feminists be upset that one of America's most important human rights champions is being recognized? Shouldn't they be pouring the champagne instead of griping, protesting and sending nasty letters?

Of course, they should. But when it comes to modern feminism, the lust for abortion trumps any and all other considerations. Therefore, because Susan B. Anthony was opposed to abortion and because the museum dares to include that opposition in its historical exhibitions, gals like Gloria Feldt (former head of Planned Parenthood) are flipping out.

And, in so doing, they are showing once again that their true zeal is not for women's rights, but for abortionists' wrongs.