Tuesday, February 23, 2010

About Glenn Beck...

In the many years of running this blog, I have run only one item from Glenn Beck. I just never cared for him much. Nor did I believe the moral foundations of his conservatism (that unusual combination of Mormonism and 12 Step behavioral modification) to be very healthy for the movement. It wont wear well.

Of course, Beck has used his new popularity to draw attention to liberal outrages. That's good and I applaud him for that. But still, I have found his motivations enigmatic, his lack of specific, workable solutions to our culture's grievous problems frustrating...and his bombastic style generally unappealing.

His fans will say that I don't know enough about him to make an accurate judgment. They may be right.

But I'm not the only one having a few problems with Glenn Beck. For instance, give a few minutes to read through the remarks of Mark Levin, William Bennett and William Hawkins as they evaluate Beck's speech at CPAC last week. I think they will provide a few insights, cautionary notes, and talking points that we can all find helpful -- fans or no.