Friday, January 22, 2010

Media Ignores Persecuted Christians

Cliff May posted this at NRO's The Corner:

"Mosques Under Attack in France"

The headline above is not true. But if it were, it would be huge story, would it not?


"In Nigeria this week, Muslim youths set fire to a church, killing more than two dozen Christian worshippers. In Egypt, Coptic Christians have been suffering increased persecution including, this month, a drive-by shooting outside a church in which seven people were murdered. In Pakistan, Christian churches were bombed over Christmas. In Turkey, authorities have been closing Christian churches, monasteries, and schools, and seizing Christian properties. Recently, churches in Malaysia have been attacked, too, provoked by this grievance: Christians inside the churches were referring to God as 'Allah.' How dare infidels use the same name for the Almighty as do Muslims."

Why, to most of the media, is this not a story? My NRO column today is on the war being waged — with little press attention — against infidels within the “Muslim world.”