Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Continues

Our computer woes continue around here with things really in a mess. We're trying one more source for assistance and then it's on to the drastic step of gutting the computer and starting over.

Actually, I want to go more drastic still and go buy a Mac -- but Isaac has thus far kept me from taking that particular action.

It's been a difficult week for other reasons too (some health-related, problems with both cars, a few fresh worries about my Mom, etc.) and so we have been especially grateful for the fellowship of dear Christian friends in these last few days. We have had three Christmas dinner parties the last three evenings that have provided us much warmth, inspiration, laughter, memory sharing, encouragement and stimulation. Sunday night was our re-scheduled Christmas Day One dinner with Patrice & Linda, Jonathan & Meelom, Innocent, Cephas & his French fiance, Dave, Allen & Cindy...and 6 little kids. Monday night was Howard and Kathy Deever and their youngest daughter, Joanna. Tuesday night was Dick & Jan Loneman and Ron & Linda Scheffler. In all cases, we felt our hearts lifted and our motivations revived by these dear friends -- some we just met, some we've known from our two years at Faith Bible Church, some we've known for 20, 30 and 38 years!

Since I'm naming folks, perhaps I should mention that in the Christmas parties and "Santa runs" so far this season we've enjoyed fellowship with my Mom (several times), Dick Wilson, Quint & Carol Coppi (2x), Pam Yaksich, Perly & Sandy Schoville, Karla Struble (2x), Carol Larsen, Lucille Henson, Judy Bledsoe, Don & Cathy Conley, Chet Thomas (2x), numerous residents of Life Care Center, Matt & Laura Troutman, Allen & Cindy Nelson (3x), Bill & Karin Coker, Ruth Denzler, Mark Morin, and John & Barb Malek (2x).

That means only a few more "Santa runs" and three more Christmas dinner parties including our Epiphany party on January 6th which finally closes out the holiday season for us. Sure, it's a bit to tackle. But what splendid joys, consolations and inspiration Christmas brings to us! We really love this time of year.

Finally, let me also say here that among the late December fellowship blessings we've treasured so much have been some lovely Christmas cards and end-of-year letters as well as several generous donations to Vital Signs Ministries which will really help our beleaguered budget. Not surprising with the economy, the VSM income was down considerably this year so this last flurry has been of tremendous assistance. Thank you all. And thanks also to Zach, Melissa and Perry who used EFT Plus to make online donations to Vital Signs. That too was terrific and greatly appreciated.

Well, that's enough for one blogging session. I've got a Mom to visit, a car to get to the mechanics, a sermon to study for, correspondence to type and send, and a Mac computer to shop for.

Just kidding on that last bit, Isaac.

Merry 6th Day of Christmas!