Monday, October 26, 2009

Nebraska Newspapers Are In the Tank for ESCR -- Is It Time for You to Cancel Your Subscription?

Anyone who has been reading the Omaha and Lincoln papers in the last couple of weeks knows that they are working hand in glove with those University of Nebraska Regents who insist that the NU Medical Center expand its human embryo-destructive experimentation.

The editors of these newspapers do not bother with even a show of objectivity on the matter. They are as ignorant of the hard science involved, as stubbornly stupid to the amazing medical benefits being generated by adult stem cell research, and as indifferent to the expansion of the culture of death as is NU President James B. Milliken

A case in point of this carnal collusion is the sophomoric column written by Robert Nelson and printed in the Omaha World-Herald this weekend. It was a column so tacky, so unfounded and so unprofessional that pro-life leaders are suggesting your timely response.

You may want to write a note to the World-Herald and cancel your subscription to the paper. We did decades ago and have managed quite well without it, thank you. After all, these are not great days for newspapers and so your cancellation notice will serve as a more powerful corrective than ever to an industry that has become drunk with power -- and like other drunks, guilty of terrible acts of judgment and grossly irresponsible behavior.

Or you may simply want to write a letter of protest.

I encourage the former...but would still welcome the latter. So please write.

Relevant to this request is this action alert (which I heartily agree with) sent out today by Julie Schmit-Albin, the Executive Director of Nebraska Right to Life:

Robert Nelson is a weekly columnist for the Omaha World-Herald...This column greeted us Friday morning, Oct. 23rd along with a couple other items in the OWH as pro-lifers were preparing to picket the NU Board of Regents meeting that day prior to pro-lifers speaking at the meeting on the Regents' policy on embryonic stem cell research. Mr. Nelson needs to be disabused of the notion that pro-life picketers are "zealots". Also, the pro-lifers who spoke inside the meeting all represented pro-life organizations or themselves personally.

Yes, quite the bunch of zealots we are: grandmothers, teens, babies, business folk, farmers, Nebraskans from all walks of life. (A bus of teens from Aquinas & Scotus High Schools actually joined the picket as they were scheduled to pray at the Lincoln PP clinic that morning.) If Mr. Nelson would bother to join us at the Walk for Life, Life Chain or outside the Carhart or Planned Parenthood abortion facilities he might be better educated. We won't hold our breath for that to happen so hope you will read his diatribe and write a letter to the editor to the OWH.

Pro-life people need to stand up and defend other pro-lifers who show up at places like the Regents' meetings and get attacked as "zealots" by someone so ignorant of the issue he can only emit talking points from the other side. We can excuse Mr. Nelson for his ignorance but the OWH knows better.

You can send a letter to the OWH's Public Pulse simply by e-mailing: Keep your letter to one paragraph; long letters are edited (losing their meaning) or don't run at all. You need to put your name and address on the letter (e-mail) so they can verify that it came from a real person. Anyone who holds an official capacity in a pro-life chapter/organization should state that after your name. You need to respond soon, this week. No unsigned letters can run in the Public Pulse. Thank you!