Monday, September 28, 2009

What Does President Obama Have "On His Plate" That's More Important Than Afghanistan?

Even Bob Woodward from the Washington Post seems worried about the fact that President Obama hasn't yet determined whether or not he will commit more troops to the war in Afghanistan, despite an urgent request to do so (and as quickly as possible too) from the commander of U.S. forces there. In fact, as Obama's national security adviser put it Saturday, the President won't even say just when he might get around to determining a new strategy.

As Obama told reporters a couple of weeks ago, he's "got a lot on his plate" and so people shouldn't hassle him about schedules or time lines. Apparently this means that there are other matters that take precedence on the President's "to-do list" over the lives of American soldiers and the security of an entire region.

Like pushing a nationalized health care scheme that is counter-productive, which will bankrupt the country, which will trample on the rights of conscience and the dignity of every human life -- and which most of the country is decidedly against.

Or promoting the loony idea that American kids go to school all year round.

Or making a speech to the United Nations audience in which he apologized for America's strength and ideals. (On this matter, see also this Washington Times editorial and this Mark Steyn column.)

Or now -- traveling to Copenhagen to personally lobby for the 2016 Olympics to be granted to his home town.

Of course, you thought that the Commander in Chief should always put our country's military strength and safety as his first priority?

Welcome to Change, America. Welcome to Change.