Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't Miss Lila Rose In Lincoln

Claire and I will be out of town on this weekend but that doesn't mean you should miss out on "Building a Civilization of Love," the annual pro-life conference taking place in Lincoln and sponsored by the Nebraska Catholic Conference.

Among the speakers will be young "investigative reporter" Lila Rose. Lila's daring undercover videos are what knocked Planned Parenthood for a loop this past year, exposing as she did several instances of PP staffers endorsing the most appalling racism and even criminal cover ups of statutory rape. In a saner world, Lila Rose would be hailed by 60 Minutes, Dateline, TIME and the Washington Post as a visionary heroine and a champion of human rights. But alas, we live in this one and so Lila Rose has been treated as a menace. Her story alone will definitely be worth making the trip to Lincoln.

However, there's more: workshops and speakers dealing with various life issues and tips about grassroots political action, an address by Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, and a special youth track featuring Lila. Cool stuff. So check it out right here.