Monday, August 24, 2009

While Federal Marshals Sit Outside, Abortionist Kills Preborn Kids

The federal marshals were back on the scene today at Leroy Carhart's abortion mill in Bellevue. At least 3 marshals in 2 cars were hanging around, trying to look intimidating but not quite making the grade. At one point, they even pulled their cars into a V formation which blocked the street while the late-term abortionist drove into the building in a big SUV. Who knows? Maybe it was a government vehicle too.

We don't know why the feds are back on the scene unless they too have been drawn into the paranoid hype being spread by the Bellevue Police Department and a compliant media. And yes, there's still no sign of those 500 angry, desperate anti-abortion protesters the BPD is promising will be on their doorstep.

There was just Claire, Carol, Dick, Quint, Mark and I with our pictures of lovely infants and banners which read "Mom, We Care About You and Your Baby."

They need federal cops to deal with us?


Meanwhile on the outside, workers are trying to make the place look less trashy than it does. (They've got a big job ahead of them.) But nothing besides thorough repentance and a sincere faith in the grace offered by Jesus Christ can clean up what's going on inside that awful place.

Case in point? Just this morning (while those federal marshals worried about non-existent dangers and those remodeling workers tried to better adorn the structure), the thug that Newsweek magazine hailed as "The Abortion Evangelist" killed 6 preborn babies.