Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Political Correctness vs the English Language

The bureaucrats from the "We Are Politically-Correct And, By Golly, We're Gonna' Make Sure You Are Too!" Department are once again after the English language. And this time they're targeting those racist and sexist phrases like "gentleman’s agreement", "black sheep of the family," "black mark," and "right-hand man".

Next words up for stamping out? Hmm. Why not "Black belt"? "Woman's intuition"? "Gray area"? "Gay Nineties"? "Yellow fever"? "Blackmail"? "White collar worker"? "Russian roulette"? "The right stuff"? "Brown out"? "Mad as a hatter"? "Mexican standoff"? "Yellow journalism?" "Putting English on the ball"? "Red Tape"? "Left-handed complement"? "White elephant"? "Pardon my French"? "White Christmas"?

You gotta' laugh or else you'll cry.