Thursday, August 20, 2009

Judge Nixes Oklahoma's Ultrasound Law -- Democracy R.I.P.

A judge reversed an Oklahoma state law yesterday that required women seeking abortions to receive ultrasounds and a physical description of their "fetus" from their doctors. But that's not all. In overturning the law, Oklahoma County District Judge Vicki Robertson also reversed conscience protections that allowed doctors, nurses and other health care providers to refuse to participate in an abortion on moral or religious grounds.

Why bother with state legislatures anymore?

Since we have become a people ruled by an elite band of black-robed solons who answer to no one but themselves, why keep up the expensive charade? Let's reinvest the money we now have to pay for politicians' salaries, their hefty benefit packages, the reporters that cover their irrelevant activities, and the cost of elections in the first place. We can recycle our statehouses into museums or concert halls; we could still get some use out of them.

And then we could just lay back in comfort, knowing that we no longer need worry about any of those niggling responsibilities of democracy. We will have surrendered them (and with nary a whimper) to the enlightened judicial corps.