Monday, August 31, 2009

Flapdoodle Follies in Bellevue

What an expensive, embarrassing farce.

After more than two weeks of the Bellevue Police Department and the prejudiced, compliant Omaha media making ballyhooed predictions about 500 angry, shouting, rock throwing pro-life demonstrators converging on Leroy Carhart's trashy abortion business...

After pro-abortion organizations from several states had used those same police and media projections to stir up feminists to show up for a boisterous and spiteful counter-protest...

After the Bellevue police blocked major streets, cordoned off huge areas with yellow police tape, and sent their officers clad in full riot gear...

They encountered exactly what pro-life leaders had tried to tell them all along; namely, nothing but ministry as usual. That means quiet, peaceful, praying Christians, a few of whom attempt to offer alternatives to abortion to the women and couples who are entering that ramshackle building.

True, because of Operation Rescue leader Troy Newman speaking to a small gathering the night before in a Catholic church, there were a few more pro-life advocates on hand than normal. But not quite 500. Try 40. And not provocative or mean or vengeful; the pro-lifers came in the same spirit they always do -- making all the riot gear, the blocked streets, and the wild predictions quite laughable.

Laughable until one remembers what goes on inside that decrepit structure -- precious, innocent children being mercilessly destroyed.

Claire and I were not present Saturday. For us too it's ministry as usual and we cover Mondays at the abortion mill. But we commend those who handled themselves so well there and whose intercession and effort resulted in at least one baby saved from the violence of abortion. Perhaps even more.

So despite the folly created by the local police and media...and despite the annoying presence of maybe 100 slogan-spouting abortion zealots who showed up to champion child-killing, the pro-life activists stayed a steady course, showing the same kindness and offering the same practical help as always. Good job.