Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sexual Deviants in Government Praised by President Obama: He Promises More "Federal Benefits" for the LGB&T

Just in case you missed it (and that's altogether likely since the mainstream media tries to mute coverage of the more outlandish of Barack Obama's actions, those that might hurt his popularity were they to be honestly reported), here's the White House's own transcript of President Obama's remarks last week against the Defense of Marriage Act and in favor of "federal benefits" for the "hard-working, dedicated, and patriotic LGBT Americans serving in our Federal Government."

I wonder how this kind of action (like Obama's decision to require American taxpayers to finance international abortion organizations as well as embryo-destroying experimentation) sits with those soft-headed evangelicals and Catholics who voted for this guy.

Will they recognize the tragic error they made and begin now to work against the immoral policies of this administration?

Or will they continue to ignore the Bible's clear and unequivocal teachings on these matters, bringing greater shame to the Church and greater judgment on our nation?