Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Now, Bite Down Hard: Another Adult Stem Cell Success

No, I'm not a regular reader of the Journal of Oral Implantology.

But probably after hearing (for the first time in my life) the term "periodontal pocket" last week at the dentist, I was primed to notice a news item which led me to this story about adult stem cells providing "a more thorough regeneration of periodontal tissue around dental implants."

Those amazing adult stem cells are at it again!

Indeed, with each passing month, they are providing new discoveries, new treatments, new hope for progess in practical health. And that's not to mention the tremendous service provided over many years now of well-established practices using adult stem cells to save lives and restore well-being for millions of people.

Meanwhile, for all the the media hype, the political infatuation, and the billions of dollars spent on embryonic stem cell, we have in practical results...absolutely nothing.