Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just A Little More Time

My apologies for being absent from yesterday's Vital Signs Blog but, as you know, that happens rather frequently because our sidewalk counseling ministry at the Bellevue abortion clinic on Monday mornings shrinks the day quite a bit.

It was a tough day. There are federal marshals still hanging round (I wonder how many have been directed to guard military recruiters?) but they're not really much of a distraction. Nor are the occasional taunts from the street, blasphemies from the abortion workers, or even physical threats from clients. After all, we have been in this a long, long time and we are very careful to depend upon the peace and power of the Holy Spirit. So, yes; our toleration levels are pretty high.

But not so high as to still have our hearts break over what is happening inside such places.

Thus yesterday, when we watched a little girl (maybe four years old) clutching her dolly in one hand while poignantly stretching out the other towards her mother who was scurrying towards the door of the abortuary, we realized anew the wicked horror and demented brutality which is abortion.

We offered the woman our help. We reminded her that the child she carried in utero was every bit as wonderful, every bit as lovely as the little girl chasing after her. "Your baby only needs a little time...just a little time. In a few months, you can be holding that precious child and rejoicing that you decided not to go inside this terrible place. Please reconsider and let us help you. Please...just a little time."

But neither she (nor her husband) responded to our appeal. And she went on in to have the abortion.

So did 10 or 11 other moms.

And so we continue to pray, as I know you do also, "How long, O Lord? How long?"