Sunday, May 31, 2009

Statement on the Murder of George Tiller

Press release from Vital Signs Ministries regarding the murder of Kansas abortionist George Tiller:

Denny Hartford, long time pro-life activist, the Director of Vital Signs Ministries and a co-founder of a local pregnancy care center, decried the disturbing news that Kansas abortionist George Tiller had been murdered Sunday morning. Hartford has himself participated in peaceful protests of Tiller's abortion business in Wichita.

"Having been involved with the pro-life community across the United States for three decades, I can testify that those who truly care about saving preborn babies from abortion also care about serving their parents and extended families, " Hartford said. "But as dedicated as we are about these goals, we are equally devoted to insuring that our activities (even those involving the protest of abortion) are peaceful, prayerful and compassionate."

"Such viciousness as that directed at George Tiller on Sunday is outrageous, unjust and deplorable. Genuine pro-life advocates seek, through prayer and education, to convert abortionists -- not to physically harm them. To act otherwise would be to severely damage our cause. The perpetrator of this cowardly murder has, without any moral warrant at all, taken vengeance into his own hands. I join with pro-life leaders around the nation in condemning this horrific act of senseless violence."