Thursday, May 28, 2009

Double Standards, Denial of Conscience, and Extreme Prejudice Against Christians

This is a really disturbing story.

1) Disrespect in any form for the Koran is strictly forbidden with punishments quite severe. But burning Bibles is okay.

2) An American filmmaker's distorted hatchet job on evangelicals in the U.S. military is aided by the Pentagon. And that filmmaker then goes on to make a special version of his anti-Christian, anti-American film for Al Jazeerra.

3) ...[C]ultural and religious sensitivity is all one way. For the privilege of spending our blood and treasure in Muslim deserts, American soldiers are expected to abandon or deny their Christian teachings, crosses and Bibles.

We must remind the world that Islam is the one organized religion that repudiates freedom of religion -- that requires infidels to be sentenced to death. Those who convert from the Muslim faith continue to be killed in every Muslim nation in the world as is demanded in the Koran.

The one-way sensitivity clearly violates our soldier’s First Amendment rights. Most of our troops are Christians, and many would choose to share their good news faith even among Muslims. It is reprehensible to demoralize and alienate them while asking them to risk their lives for their country....