Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Penny's Worth of History

It's been several weeks since Tom Beatty, our old pal who is now ministering as a jail chaplain back in Illinois, sent me this link to Penny Postcards. It's a delightful site, not only for historians but for anyone with a bit of curiosity about what familiar scenes from their lives used to look like.

I checked the postcards showing Omaha, of course, but my primary interest was in those showing what the stomping grounds of my youth looked like...before I ever arrived. Here are a few samples. An old postcard illustrating Red Rocks Amphitheater is at left while the others, in order from top to bottom, are the Coors plant in Golden, Colorado; a view out of Red Rocks Park towards Mt. Morrison; two views of downtown Denver (the second showing the U.S. Mint); Elitch Gardens Theater and Ballroom; and Lakeside Amusement Park.

Neat, huh? So why don't you saunter over and check out what your town once looked like?