Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Have You Got It Yet?

I haven't mentioned the We Get It campaign since last summer but since they're still in there swinging against the global warming extremists that look to further socialize government, make living more expensive, and enact policies which will be brutal on the world's poor, I want to again draw your attention to their important work.

Here is the We Get It Declaration:

God Said It

God created everything. He made us in His own image, and commanded us to be fruitful and multiply and watch over His creation. Although separated from God by our sin, we are lovingly restored through Jesus Christ, and take responsibility for being good stewards.

We Get It

Our stewardship of creation must be based on Biblical principles and factual evidence. We face important environmental challenges, but must be cautious of claims that our planet is in peril from speculative dangers like man-made global warming.

They Need It

With billions suffering in poverty, environmental policies must not further oppress the world’s poor by denying them basic needs. Instead, we must help people fulfill their God-given potential as producers and stewards.

Let’s Do It

We will follow our Lord Jesus Christ and honor God as we use and share the principles of His Word to care for the poor and tend His creation.

And, if you haven't already signed on to the We Get It Declaration, you still can. Right here.

And there's more about the issue there as well.