Friday, March 20, 2009

The Simplest Way to Eliminate Carbon Footprints? Eliminate Feet.

The latest proposal from the global warming alarmists? Why we need to regulate family size, of course.

Hearkening back to the tired and discredited theories of anti-natalists like Paul Erlich, a couple of Oregon State academics are saying there's way too many people out there commuting and consuming and, doggone it, just breathing! Therefore, any kind of lifestyle change one makes (recycling, driving less, using energy alternatives) is actually pretty useless. But not having another baby? Well now; that keeps two more feet from leaving any carbon footprints whatsoever.

There's a cold logic here, of course. Yet the premise it rests upon is unscientific and the radical solution proposed is outrageously radical and immoral. And, just in case you think a couple of loonies from OSU are the only ones proposing this preposterous scheme, think again. The same suggestion was made last summer in an article published in the British Medical Journal.

Check out this fine video clip from Co2 Science to learn more.