Thursday, March 26, 2009

NRL PAC Adds a Name to Their Endorsed List of Local Candidates

Based on a late response to their survey, the Nebraska Right to Life Political Action Committee has added the name of Jim Vokal to the endorsed candidates' list for the Omaha City Mayoral Primary.

"Given that there is no incumbent in the race, NRL PAC adheres to its criteria of endorsing all qualified pro-life candidates which includes Hal Daub. None of the other Mayoral candidates returned a survey."

I'm pleased that Vokal made the list and I wish him well. We need all the pro-life support we can get in politics nowadays.

However, I should also point out that the only sign in my yard bears the name of the candidate for Omaha mayor whose pro-life credentials are tried and tested (at both the local and federal levels), the candidate whose sincere and effective actions defending the sanctity of life we've appreciated for over 20 years.

That name is Hal Daub.