Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How Much "Liberal Compassion" Can We Survive?

Liberals have a very distorted view of compassion.

Nevertheless, they have managed to convince a large number of American Christians that it is Democrats who really care for the poor whereas conservatives care only for themselves.

But the facts tell a very different story.

For instance, the incredible disparity between the charitable giving of Democrats and Republicans shows that the latter group gives more (much, much more!) to people in need.

No, when the Democrats want to give money -- they want to give someone else's money! Their scheme of the redistribution of wealth is, therefore, less like Jesus' teaching and more like Robin Hood's. And yet, Democrats don't just steal from the rich; they steal from the rich, the middle class, and the working poor.

Secondly, the Democrat's version of compassion has given America some of our most devastating social crises: the imprisoning powerlessness of the welfare state; the curses of no-fault divorce and single motherhood; and the lawlessness exacerbated by a toothless justice system.

This kind of "compassion" is killing us.

For a closer look at how manipulative and mean has been this liberal idea of compassion, take a look at a couple of excellent articles from the March/April edition of Concerned Women for America's Family Voice. I guarantee you'll be the "richer" for it.

"The Give and Take of Charity and Why Liberals Don’t Get It" by Mario Diaz.

"Generosity: Whose Job is It -- Yours or Uncle Sam’s" by P. George Tryfiates, CWA's Executive Director.