Friday, March 20, 2009

Home-Based Business Provides Non-Gluten Alternatives

We have quite a few friends who deal with various dietary problems: diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, Crone's, colitis, diverticulitis, allergic reactions, and so on. And while I'm sure genetics plays its part, I'm also sure that all those Milk Duds, RC Colas, and White Castle burgers in our misspent youth didn't help matters either!

Anyhow, we're always pleased when people find some relief, especially so when they find it in natural sources without the expense and side-effects of pharmaceuticals.

So I'm pleased to pass along news about Kristy’s Kitchen, a source of nutritious, delicious, and gluten-free grain mixes that some of our friends will find of great interest.

The home-based company was started by Kristy and Michael Johnson back in 2005. (Kristy had discovered just a couple of years earlier that she had Celiac Disease.) We go back quite a ways with Mike. I've spoken at his church frequently and his musical talents have been featured at several Vital Signs and AAA Center for Pregnancy Counseling affairs over the years.

And, having just heard Dale Ahlquist, the president of the American Chesterton Society, speak about the need to utilize home-based businesses more than we do (that Chestertonian Distributism, don't you know), I thought I'd put in a plug for one I know is providing needed service with a quality product, Kristy's Kitchen.

At their website, you'll see descriptions of their products: Whole Grain Sandwich Bread; Gourmet Cherry Sour Cream Muffin Mix; Grandma's Sunday-best Baking Powder Biscuits; Blueberry Sour Cream Muffin Mix; Savory Thin & Crispy Cracker Mix; Divinely Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix; Apple & Spice Morning Pancake/Waffle Mix; Blueberry Morning Pancake/Waffle Mix; Buckwheat Pancake Mix; and one of their newest products, Artisan Graham Cracker Mix.

About this they say, "This is our top selling mix. It has such a deep, rich flavor that surpasses the best wheat-based Graham Crackers. We were vendors at the 2008 National Celiac Convention where a gentleman from Kansas stopped to sample our Graham Cracker. After savoring it for a moment, he stated, “I haven’t had a Graham Cracker for 14 years, 2 months and 18 days. This is wonderful!” Cut them into whatever sizes you want. The pie and cheesecake crusts made with these are incredible. The first pie we made with them was Kristy’s favorite, Vanilla Cream. Mix with a little butter, honey and water. Ingredients include: organic sorghum, buckwheat and coconut flours, sucanat as the sweetener, vanilla and cinnamon. They make about a pound of crackers. 11 ounces."

So those of you to whom gluten is a no-no and who thought your days of pancakes or a hearty sandwich were over, take a look at what Kristy's Kitchen has to offer.