Friday, March 27, 2009

A Busy Weekend

Not much blogging this morning because a very busy weekend actually starts today: a luncheon meeting; putting the finishing touches on seminars I'm presenting tomorrow at Eagle's Nest Church ("A Theology of Childrens' Ministry"); reading Owen Wister's The Virginian for tomorrow night's discussion with our long-standing literary group, the Notting Hill Napoleons; studying for Sunday morning's sermon on Acts 16 at Faith Bible Church; attending an Omaha Symphony Pops concert with the Beach Boys; visiting Mom; and maybe getting a few hours of sleep somewhere along the way.

I hope your weekend is equally full of good things.

And, in keeping with our weekend's activities, I offer you this clip of the first slow song ever performed by the Beach Boys. Very corny lyrics, sure. But it remains my favorite of their career.