Monday, February 23, 2009

Nebraska Pro-Life Congressmen Are Standing Tall

As promised last week, here's a few notable items from the remarks of Nebraska Congressmen Lee Terry and Jeff Fortenberry at Wednesday's quarterly luncheon of the Business and Professional People for Life.

From Lee Terry's address:

* "Our best chance against FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) is to create a firestorm of opposition that will keep it from being introduced." This is because he believes the Democrats have the votes in both the House and Senate to pass it if it comes to the floor.

* This is a very sad situation, one that proves (as Rep. Terry put it) "It matters who you elect!"

* FOCA is the spear point of the culture of death, representing as it does "the killing of the unborn without restriction." In fact, it is so extreme that Roe v Wade actually stands in the way of the new abortion activists. They are demanding that anything that might impede abortion (waiting periods, parental consent or notification, conscience clauses, etc.) be removed.

* FOCA presents just one battlefield. "The liberals are injecting the culture of death into almost every bill."

* For instance, Rep. Terry explained that the $300 million for more contraception funding that Pelosi and others wanted to pack into the "stimulus" bill was supposedly pulled out after pressure from pro-lifers and even President Obama himself. Well, don't get too happy because they simply played a little "bait and switch,"" shoving the $300 million elsewhere in the bill in a fund to prevent STDs. And, you guessed it. That means condom distribution and sex ed of the sort that Pelosi wanted in the first place. The names are changed; the heat is reduced; they get what they wanted anyway.

* A particular danger Rep. Terry pointed out was the $100 million for a Comparative Medical Research Group which will "oversee" Medicare and other medical spending. This will certainly lead to rationing which, with the economy and the ethos of the times, could even lead to increased euthanasia. He referred listeners to a Cal Thomas column which you can read here.

* Rep. Terry described how the Democrats and liberal journalists regularly distort the issue of abstinence education. For example, only 20% of sex ed allocation has gone for abstinence-only education. The liberals act as if its the whole pie. And they also misreport how dramatically effective abstinence education is, dealing as it does with self-esteem, health, and empowerment. And, of course, they also fail to report just how terrible are the effects of value-less sex ed of the Planned Parenthood variety.

* President Obama has told Planned Parenthood that FOCA is one of his priorities. He even promised it to be part of his first 100 days. However, no bill has been introduced yet. But that doesn't mean he's backed off. It only means he plans to play the same games of "bait and switch," changing labels, and hiding things in the middle of complex legislation. Thus he is able to sneak particular planks of FOCA by the American people.

* Finally, Rep. Terry urged the audience to require of someone like Nebraska's Democrat Senator Ben Nelson a thoroughly pro-life position which would include votes against cloture on FOCA and other pro-abortion legislation.

From Jeff Fortenberry's address:

* Rep. Fortenberry began with commending the courage and persistence of Lee Terry on pro-life, pro-family issues and he then praised the Business and Professional People for Life on the very concept of their organization.

* He then spoke of how secularism (he specifically mentioned materialism and popular entertainment) had severed our nation's tether to the ethics of the founding fathers. Therefore, our efforts to recover those historic values must go beyond political activity and into cultural reformation as well. Rep. Fortenberry explained that it isn't good for conservatives to deny the reality we face. "We are losing and losing very badly."

* FOCA has crystallized pro-life opposition and that's certainly to be appreciated. Letters have been pouring in by amounts he hasn't seen for quite awhile. This is critical to maintain. "You've got to engage the system. You must write letters, make calls, visit and make your voice heard." Rep. Fortenberry emphasized that public opinion greatly encourages pro-life stalwarts to keep fighting hard and even moves the nominally pro-life politicians to do the right thing with more regularity and resolve. And don't forget the power of letters to editors of newspapers and magazines, he said. They are very important.

* The threat of FOCA is severe and very real. And yet, he too told the audience that the liberal's plan involves taking one plank at a time. Already Barack Obama has forced Americans to pay for abortions overseas. He has announced too that the United Nations Population Fund will get our tax money. He will also soon start funding with tax dollars the destruction of human embryos in immoral and unproductive experimentation.

* Rep. Fortenberry concluded his remarks by urging those present to keep praying and keep fighting -- both for the present and for the legacy we leave for the next generation. "We must not concede the next generation. Our efforts can provide a higher vision for them."

There were nearly 100 people present at the BPPFL luncheon, a good crowd who appreciated the straight talk and the helpful counsel they received from Congressmen Terry and Fortenberry. If you'd like to know more about the Business and Professional Persons for Life, please check out their web site and look for the notices there about the next luncheon. See you there.