Friday, January 02, 2009

Clueless, Classless CNN

CNN thinks it's cute to have the notoriously irreligious and raunchy comedienne Kathy Griffin serve as co-host for their live New Year's Eve broadcast, complete with her trademark profanity, vulgarity and hateful slurs.

It is not only another reason for turning off CNN in your own home, it's another point in the presentation you make to those who insist on playing CNN in the airports, your doctor's office, the coffee shops, and even at the gas pumps.

Here's the New York Post story on the disgusting affair.

And here's the kind of e-mail I hope you'll join me in sending to CNN.

Dear CNN,

Your choice of the notoriously vulgar comedienne Kathy Griffin to again serve as co-host of your live New Year's Eve broadcast certainly marks a low point in your history. Her performance on that broadcast, complete with profanity and hateful personal slurs, was disgusting and deeply offensive.

I realize, of course, that Griffin's reputation as a nasty, mean-spirited performer is probably the very reason you chose her for the job, thinking that CNN might prove itself to younger viewers as iconoclastic and oh-so-hip. But it only emphasizes that CNN would rather compete with Saturday Night Live than serve as an objective, careful, hard-news news network.

The New Year's Eve broadcast made Anderson Cooper look like a cowardly fool. But it made the motives of the CNN front office look even worse.

This is how you prove yourselves superior to Fox? C'mon, guys; bad move. Please get out of the sandbox and get back to being what you're supposed to be.

Denny Hartford

Director, Vital Signs Ministries

Omaha, Nebraska