Friday, December 26, 2008

Tim Tebow's Had Quite a Year...And He Played Some Football Too.

It's been quite a year for Tim Tebow. After all, he spent his spring break as a missionary in the Philippines with his father's organization. He then organized a flag football tournament to raise awareness for orphans in Gainesville and around the world. He also found time for speaking engagements in several prisons across the state of Florida, at a business conference in Croatia, and at the Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board in southern Asia.

And, oh yes, the young man plays college football. Had a decent year at that too.

In 2008, Tim Tebow added to an already impressive collection of national football awards. He was a close contender in this year's Heisman (he won it last year as a spohomore) but he walked away with sole possession of the 2008 Wuerffel Trophy, the Maxwell Award and the Disney Spirit Award. And Tebow just might have a national championship to show for the year as well. He will lead Florida against the Oklahoma Sooners in the Jan. 8 BCS National Championship Game in Miami.

Here's more from Baptist Press.