Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"The Christmas of the Talking Animals"

If a quiet 1/2 hour ever comes along in your hectic holiday schedule, you might enjoy this rural Christmas story I wrote several years ago. I think you'll find it a winsome, wholesome story with a very old-fashioned ingredient; namely, a spiritual moral. It's a story (not strict autobiography, by the way) about a 9-year old boy and his lively imagination who spends a remarkable Christmas at his grandpa's Missouri farm in 1952.

Word got out about the story among our friends and a recorded version ended up playing on KGBI several Christmas mornings. We just thought about it again this year and Claire suggested we burn some CD copies and send it around to a few special people. And we did that.

But she then suggested an even better idea. Embed the recording of "Christmas of the Talking Animals" into our Exposition 101 web site. That way anyone who wants to could get at it. And so we have done that too. We hope you enjoy it.

Merry Christmas!