Friday, November 21, 2008

Of Christmas, Books and Getting Away for the Weekend

It's official. Well, it will be late this afternoon anyhow when we start unloading our stuff at the Whispering Pines Bed & Breakfast down in Nebraska City.

The Christmas season will be here.

For the last several years Claire and I have made our annual weekend retreat with the Notting Hill Napoleons (our 16 years and running literary club) the kickoff for our Christmas celebrations. And what a great start it is: spending time with good friends; preparing (and eating!) delicious meals; plenty of conversation spread over diverse topics; selecting our books for the coming year; and conducting our traditional discussion of the year's Charles Dickens novel.

But before we go, we've got an awful lot to do so including having breakfast with my Mom, picking up our car, studying for Sunday's sermon, and finishing the Dickens novel! I'd better leave off blogging and get to it, huh?

And if, by chance, you're interested in finding out any more about the Napoleons, you can do so by sorting through that section over on my literature/arts blog, The Book Den. You'll find entries I made last night about the Napoleons' Getaway, The Key (Seven of Them, Actually) to a Great Melodrama -- George M. Cohan's "Seven Keys to Baldpate", and "Father of the Bride" Finds a Fan. And there's a lot more. Have fun and have a great weekend.