Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Payback Time: Radical Abortionists Want Obama to Deliver His Promises

Why did pro-abortion extremists in America work so hard to elect Barack Obama to the presidency? Simple, they want (as this common letter to Obama from the various abortion enthusiasts details) this list:

1) the Freedom of Choice Act, which would eliminate the hundreds of abortion reduction laws now on the books in most states and make unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy a national law;

2) the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which would therefore start your tax dollars directly funding the abortions of preborn children;

3) enormous tax monies going from your pockets to those of the United Nations Population Control Agency which pushes anti-population programs that even include forced abortions and sterilizations; and

4) the repeal the the Mexico City Policy, which up to now has kept American workers from paying abortionists in other countries.

And that's not all they want. Still to come are the demands for the elimination of all sanctity of life conscience clauses, the aggressive funding of profane and counter-productive sex ed programs, repression of pro-life speech, embryo-destroying experimentation, actions against crisis pregnancy centers, and more.

So, that's why the pro-abortion radicals supported Obama.

Now explain to me why so many Catholics and evangelicals closed their minds (and their hearts) in order to vote for him too.