Friday, October 17, 2008

University of Nebraska Birthday Bash to Star Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers

The University of Nebraska has invited the unrepentant domestic terrorist, leftist academician and Barack Obama pal Bill Ayers to deliver the keynote address at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Education and Human Sciences’ student research conference on November 15th. The conference is part of a two-day celebration honoring the college’s 100th anniversary.

The news that Ayers was tapped for the gig bothers several of the UNL Regents (not to mention, a whole lot of Nebraska taxpayers) but, not too surprising, Chancellor Harvey Perlman piously defended Ayers’ selection.

Said Perlman, “In this instance, it is unfortunate that a lecture directed toward an academic subject has become implicated in a political campaign. However, Professor Ayers is clearly regarded as a national expert in his field and can contribute to the understanding of this topic for our faculty and students. Nothing in his presence suggests that the university supports his personal or political philosophy or condones any of his former conduct.”

Good grief. Perlman didn't even have the decency to condemn Ayer's actions, acting as if Ayer's "personal or political philosophy" is the stuff of tea party conversation instead of what it was; namely, violent treason against the United States. And not only has Ayers continued over the years to defend his actions and other terrorism performed by the Weather Underground, he has recently stated that they "didn't do enough!"

In 2004, Ayers told an interviewer, "I’ve thought about this a lot. Being almost 60, it’s impossible to not have lots and lots of regrets about lots and lots of things, but the question of did we do something that was horrendous, awful?… I don’t think so...I don’t think what we did was extreme…We didn’t cross lines that were completely unacceptable. I don’t think so. We destroyed property in a fairly restrained level, given what we were up against."

Meanwhile, Marjorie Kostelnik, the dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences who made the invitation to Ayers, illustrated the irresponsible ignorance and leftist bias so dominant among America's academics as she responded to the storm of criticism, “We didn’t expect him to be such a lightning rod.”

On what planet do these guys live?

If you'd like to let UNL Chancellor Perlman know what you think about the Education College's birthday speaker, please be my guest. His e-mail address is