Wednesday, October 29, 2008

R.I.P. Objective Journalism

Jim O'Neill, writer, former Navy frogman and SEAL, and member of MENSA, deftly weighs in on the "death of journalism" theme in this Canada Free Press column.

...Sean Hannity has said that “Journalism is dead,” by which Hannity means that “objective journalism” is dead—journalism that attempts to be fair and balanced.
In its place we have “partisan journalism”—journalism that acts as a mouthpiece for a particular party, candidate, or social agenda.

Okay, we have partisan journalism. The question is, why is almost all journalism—liberal journalism? Why is the main-stream media (MSM) almost universally in the tank for Obama?

Look at some figures. Pew Research – considered the “golden standard” of polls – recently confirmed that 70% of Obama’s press coverage is POSITIVE. The same poll showed that 60% of MSM’s coverage of McCain has been NEGATIVE.

The MSM doesn’t just give us biased or slanted news – they feed us “news” with quote marks around it. It’s partisan propaganda, pure and simple...