Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Dear Eliot" -- The Power of Loving Faith

The testimony of little Eliot Hartman Mooney and his family and friends is a very powerful one -- a story of life lived with courage, compassion and trust in the goodness of God. An inspiring video clip (6 minutes) comes via Igniter Media and can be viewed right here.

My thanks to my pastor (yes, I preach every week at another church but I still have a pastor) who sent this compelling video my way. I appreciate it, Dan.

By the way, if you found this video as moving as I did, you will undoubtedly appreciate reading the eulogy Eliot's father presented at the funeral. It is here. And, if you'd like to keep up with Eliot's parents and their ongoing adventures, here is their blog fresh with news of another baby, an appearance on Oprah this Friday and more.