Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Choice Hotels Reverse a Bad Choice

The frequent "Taking Action" posts appearing on this blog suggest how important a responsibility we believe citizen advocacy is -- an importance profoundly increased for Christians who are called to be salt and light in their enveloping culture.

And, as we have seen over the last 30 years of working in pro-life, pro-family causes, the effect of our phone calls, letters and conversations can be tremendous. In fact, we can't figure out why Christians continue to take their powers of influence so lightly.

But even a few can make a significant difference.

Case in point? The despicable partnership between New Jersey abortionists and a couple of Choice Hotels that we spoke of last Friday has ended. And the sole cause is the heat generated by pro-life advocates over the matter.

Family Research Council received this message from Choice Hotels just two days after their publicizing the matter:

"'A copy of the Washington Update (dated October 22, 2008)... recently crossed my desk. It referenced two hotels within the Choice Hotels franchise system. The email message highlighted your organization's concerns regarding these hotels, and I wanted to take this opportunity to respond to you directly as this issue has been resolved. The Clarion Hotel & Conference Center, upon reflection, has ended the practice of offering special rates to patients of the Cherry Hill Women's Center... we do try to be sensitive to issues and questions raised when it is within our power to do so and we are happy to provide you with this positive update...' Sincerely, Anne Madison, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Choice Hotels International, Inc."

Way to go, Choice Hotels. Way to go, FRC. And way to go, to all of you who responded to the call.