Thursday, September 18, 2008

Call for DWI Courts Creates Some Echoes

In response to yesterday's post ("For the War Against Drunk Driving, Specialized DWI Courts Needed Now.") which was sent by mail to the Nebraska Supreme Court Justices, came the following.

Dear Mr. Hartford:

I read your thoughtful & informative memo this morning. I will read the 2007 study by the Michigan Supreme Court and take all of this information into consideration as our court analyzes the Scottsbluff County results & other requests for DUI specialty courts.

Thank you for your well reasoned memo and your obvious interest.


John M. Gerrard

Nebraska Supreme Court

FYI -- A shortened form of that post has been accepted by the Omaha-World Herald and I'm told it will appear in Sunday's paper. Nice. Getting drunk drivers off the road should be an important matter for us all and whatever we can do to make that happen (including the creation of specialized DWI/Drug Courts) is a very good thing.