Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nancy Pelosi Has Found Another Reason To Be Pro-Abortion

Uh, just forget that arrogant distortion that Nancy Pelosi made about Catholic doctrine last weekend when explaining her enthusiastic support and promotion of abortion. The REAL reason she's pro-abortion is...well...because so many other Catholics are.

Here's a punchy little LifeSiteNews story bringing you up to speed on the latest justifications as stated by Pelosi spokewoman, Brenda Daly.

The story also has notable links to LifeSiteNews' earlier review of the "torrential response from Church officials condemning Pelosi's blatant misrepresentation of Church teaching and history" and to a protest letter from 18 of Pelosi's House colleagues (including Nebraska's Jeff Fortenberry) "exhorting her to back down from her misrepresentation of Catholicism and criticizing her statements that 'mangle Catholic Church doctrine.'"