Monday, July 28, 2008

Of Batman, The Press, The Incredibles, and Other Urgent Matters

Digging into the mountain of e-mail last night unearthed a very encouraging note from a friend and fellow Chestertonian, James Woodruff. I print a portion of it below, followed by my response.

I was thinking of seeing The Dark Knight over the weekend. It has an impressive cast, and
I'd read one review that spoke of the movie's moral clarity. The advertisements I'd seen had led me to expect some high-speed mayhem (of a comic book-y kind) and some explosions, but nothing worse. Having read your posts, however, (1 & 2) I've decided to forgo it. There are some unwatched movies in my Preston Sturges set and my Marx Brothers set, so I'll enjoy a double-feature at home. Or if I find I'm in the mood for something with super-heroes, I'll put on The Incredibles (a favorite of mine. I'd be interested to know what you think of it -- if you've seen it, that is).

I read newspapers; I read journals of opinion (of a variety of viewpoints); I watch news channels -- none exclusively. NOWHERE had I heard of the John Edwards story until I read your blog just now. Maybe it was reported somewhere and fell through the cracks of my reading and viewing, but I suspect the reason for my ignorance is the appalling under-reporting of a story discreditable to a liberal Democrat.

So thanks to your blog, I'm wiser (or at least better informed) on at least two topics. Thank you! And thanks for adding me to your email list.

Regards to Claire and the Omaha Chestertonians.


What an encouraging note! Thank you so much.

In some ways, blogging is similar to those 16 years I did on radio, especially in the challenge of effectively communicating though having to do it in private. Preaching, teaching and conversation provides an audience to smile, nod or perhaps, throw projectiles. But sitting at a keyboard, alone and limited by a tedious one-finger typing technique, is really tough. At least in radio I had my pal Tom Sharman around as the sound engineer to say, "Yeah, that'll work" or "That seems a bit confusing, wanna' try it again?"

Therefore, feedback of any kind is always helpful and much welcomed. And that goes double for such heartening words as yours.

Again, thanks a bunch.

Oh, by the way, Claire and I join you in appreciating The Incredibles. A great flick: funny, insightful and surprisingly bold in presenting its values. And how inventive. Hollywood can still produce quality when it wants to: Bella and WALL-E come to mind as well.

Denny & Claire