Friday, July 18, 2008

FRC's Latest Review of Adult Stem Cell Successes

It takes a while to scan through -- but it's well worth your time.

I'm talking about the Family Research Council's terrific review of adult stem cell success stories. This is their third such report (boy, these guys are invaluable, aren't they?) and this review, though just covering adult stem cell success stories from this year to date, is their biggest yet.

From Northwestern University's Dr. Richard Burt's work with autoimmune disorders, to heart tissue regeneration, breast reconstruction, leukemia, Parkinson's Disease, cerebral palsy, vision restoration, sickle cell disease, and many more, the advances in medical science which utilize adult stem cells are not providing tremendous hopes for the future, they're helping people in many marvelous ways right now!

I think you'll find it very encouraging reading. Plus, it's a great resource to remember when addressing your political representatives, local hospitals and letters to the editor columns about science that, unlike embryonic stem cell research, is working wonders and doesn't kill anyone.

(H/T: A Matthew Eppinette post on Americans United for Life Blog.)