Thursday, June 26, 2008

Speaking the Truth in Love -- About Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage

With the overwhelming cultural changes of the last 20 years, changes largely effected by an aggressive campaign by the entertainment industry (though given substantial assistance by government, judges, the press, and the valueless sex ed programs now entrenched in the schools), few dare to speak out nowadays against homosexuality. In fact, even those who didn't fear the social stigma of opposing homosexual sex and its corollary political agenda, are now beginning to go silent on these issues for fear of legal penalties of a far more coercive kind.

So what's a Christian to do? How can he or she speak the truth about God's teaching on homosexuality and yet do so with love, with reason, and with a passionate desire for the homosexual's spiritual liberation and forgiveness? In other words, how does a believer be as winsome as possible in his life and preaching and yet not compromise the revelation of a holy God?

Popular author and the Director of Eternal Perspectives Ministries, Randy Alcorn, has some compelling exhortations to help you answer these pressing questions. His article, "Expressing Our Concerns about Same Sex Marriage in a Pluralistic Culture," is on his always-valuable blog.