Friday, June 27, 2008

"Comrade Klonsky Is No Longer with Us." Yet Another Leftist Is Purged from the Obama Website

Gateway Pundit reports on the latest fellow to be thrown under the Obama bus.

Maoist Mike Klonsky is an Obama pal and supporter, a former best friend of Weatherman terrorist group founders William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, who had received a $175,000 grant from the William Ayers/Barack Obama-led Annenberg Challenge to run the Small Schools Workshop. Klonsky was blogging on the official Barack Obama website until a conservatives noticed it and talked about it in cyberspace. Then, in a magical performance already becoming a pattern with Obama's webmaster (remember this story?), Klonsky disappeared without a trace.

Gateway Pundit describes the action:

Oops!...There goes another one! Wright- Pfleger- His white grandmother- Trinity Church- Muslim girls at a rally...Now it's the Maoist hardliner's turn to be airbrushed.

Yesterday, Klonsky was posting a blog on the Obama website:

But, that was yesterday.

Today his blog was removed from the Obama website.

Comrade Klonsky is no longer with us.