Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hey, What Happened to Hank the Cow Dog's Family?

John R. Erickson, the creator of the beloved Hank, the Cow Dog stories has describes his run-in with the intrusively feminist and anti-family attitudes of CBS.

...Why had CBS done this? Because someone at the network had decided to use a Saturday morning cartoon series (and my Hank book) as a platform for feminist ideology -- an ideology that viewed women as an oppressed minority, men as brutes, marriage as slavery, and motherhood as an insignificant waste of time.

They had vandalized my innocent, funny little story . . . and they had done it by stealth.

I was particularly outraged because the Hank books were always meant to be read aloud by families. If the television people felt such loathing for two-parent families, why hadn’t they chosen a book that said so, out in the open, where everyone could see it?...

Read the rest of this story (along with Erickson's compelling exhortations) at this Pearcey Report page.