Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Regarding Zionism, "Ethnic Bombs" and Obama's Church Bulletin

Ali Baghdadi, an Arab-American writer and advisor both to Elijah Muhammad (founder of the Nation of Islam) and Louis Farrakhan, wrote this open letter to Oprah Winfrey shortly before her visit to Israel last summer. Not surprisingly, it was a letter full of anti-Semitism which deeply distorted the area's history and politics. Indeed, it took a a few fliers into rank absurdity such as the claim that Israel worked with South Africa on an "ethnic bomb" that would only kill blacks and Arabs.

But what may be a surprise to some is that this open letter was published in the "Pastor's Page" of a church bulletin -- a church which Ms. Winfrey once attended. And which Barack Obama still does.

You may want to read through this online copy of that Trinity United Church of Christ bulletin to get a better idea of what the church is about. Very interesting stuff.