Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Malta Once Again Defies Europe's Coercion,Takes a Bold Stand for the Sanctity of Life

A new Council of Europe resolution calling on all member states to legalize and subsidize abortion has once again been rejected by the government of Malta.

Gift of Life, a pro-life organisation, said it found unacceptable any pressure by other countries for abortion to be legalised in Malta.

"This is the clearest attempt yet at international bullying of another sovereign country. It drives home the importance of acting soon to provide our unborn children with the right to life through the Constitution of Malta."

The report, Gift of Life said, was a shameful attempt by members of the council to demonise any state or person objecting to abortion, even if their position was based upon sound pro-life values and documented scientific facts.

"It is all the more detestable as the Council of Europe are supposed to champion human rights yet are calling for member countries to allow laws that clearly contradict the very nature of our humanity."

Gift of Life pointed out that while the line-up of professional advisors to the council included a wide range of pro-abortion experts, no pro-life group was invited to give testimony.