Monday, February 25, 2008

Looking Forward to Heaven

Dear Randy Alcorn,

Before I read your book, Heaven, I wondered a lot about Heaven. I wondered what it was going to be like and if it was really a place to look forward to. I wondered if I would be happy when I died and went to Heaven. I wondered if things were better here or if they would be better there. I was afraid of death because I really did not know what happens when you die and did not have much to look forward to.

The book took me a whole year to read, but I understood it as I got more and more into the book. I grew to have a new picture of Heaven. In that year, I realized that I have something great to look forward to. I see Heaven as more than just a place people go to when they die; I see it as God’s city of gold. It is a real place with real streets, gates, rivers, and dwelling places. It is not some unknown place where we will float around like spirits. We are told in the Bible that we will have new bodies, made perfect, without disease or blemishes. I am looking forward to never being sick or hurt again! These are things I had not considered before reading Heaven.

From day to day, I think about Heaven more than I did before I read the book, and I think of it differently. I look forward to Heaven every day. I know it is my real home and that the New Earth (Heaven) will be the way God made it in the beginning. It will be like the Garden of Eden, with no pain and with plenty of food without the killing of animals, which makes me happy since I love God’s creatures. God’s glory will light the world and we will not even need the light of the sun. All of this is very exciting for me and I know now that Heaven is going to be far better than my present life.

I appreciate your book because I no longer fear death, I look to the eternal future when things are hard here, and I live every day knowing that I will be in the presence of God when I die. It makes it a better life to know that no matter what happens here, I have a home waiting for me where I am already accepted. I will be reunited with my brothers, parents, and many friends in Heaven. That encourages me to treat people better now on this earth because they are the people I will get to spend forever with. I want to get the best start I can on living for eternity.


Bryan Lewis

A pretty intriguing letter, huh? Especially from a 10-year kid!

To order your copy of Randy Alcorn's Heaven, one of the books securely ensconced in my Indispensable Reading list go here to the order form located in the Eternal Perspective Ministries' website and do so. You, like Bryan, will be heartily glad you did.

And while you're there at the EPM website, look around a bit. It's a terrific site, one full of challenge, inspiration and practical assistance to the Christian who desires to serve faithfully his Lord. And regularly updated too, so put it on your bookmark list and check it out frequently. I do.

Note too the link there to Randy's "personal" blog, another great source for the Christian activist and, for that matter, for the honest non-believer who is looking for accurate information about God, the Bible, heaven, family, suffering, the virtues of a Christian lifestyle, and much more.