Tuesday, January 29, 2008

California Abortionists Busted

"Bertha Bugarin has had a heck of a time keeping abortionists over the years. It looks like when she couldn't get one of her quack abortionists in the office, she did the job herself," Operation Rescue president Troy Newman said.

"Bertha is a predator who has a mercenary attitude about abortions. Laws mean nothing to her, as is the case with so many abortionists," he added. "She prefers to target Hispanic communities with her mills, presumably since women there may not be in the country legally and will be less likely to report problems. The sooner Bertha and all of her cohorts are convicted and behind bars, the better."

Read more about this California case (including a police raid, prosecution efforts, and the notable request by police for help from pro-life activists) in this LifeNews.com story.