Friday, December 14, 2007

I See Paris, I See France, I See Someone's... And Right Here in the Mall!

With Christmas shopping in full swing, kiddies all over America are going to shopping malls to see the newest toys, the hottest video games, Santa Claus...and, oh yes, the lush voluptuousness of lifelike mannequins attired in the most titillating lingerie.


That's right. Not that the little tots have that last scene in their minds when they go to the mall but they may well have it stuck in there when they leave.

Therefore, it's time to remind you of the need to be very careful, very circumspect about just how much erotic information you let others teach your children. And have no doubt it, the window dressing (or, better said, "undressing") seen in the store windows of such retailers as Victoria's Secret are indeed teaching youngsters an awful lot about sexuality...way before they need to deal with it and in ways that are quite possibly at variance with what you'd like them to know.

But beyond avoidance of the "over the top, ooh la la" of these window displays, I suggest you also register a courteous complaint to those with the authority and responsibility to change this state of affairs. Below is a sample letter I've sent to shopping mall execs.

To Whom It May Concern,

Please be informed that my family is joining the boycott of your shopping mall until such time as you require stores like Victoria’s Secret to demonstrate some degree of moral responsibility to the children and families who are forced to view the unnecessarily titillating exhibits of their products. Please understand, I do not oppose the store being in your shopping center, only the unavoidable nature of their advertising displays.

Is it really too much to ask that Victoria’s Secret display their erotic wares to their own customers rather than to every 8-year-old girl or 10-year-old boy who walks through the mall? Of course not. My request really is a common sense approach to the matter and I certainly hope you put some reasonable display standards in place soon.

Thanks for your consideration.