Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lying in Wait for Victims: Planned Parenthood's False Front Tells a Lot

How can a community be at peace—enjoy shalom—while babies are being put to death down the street?

Albert Schweitzer in his book Reverence for Life said that we can either make history or suffer history. It all depends on whether or not we have a reverence for human life....

I have posted a few entries here concerning how the sneaks of Planned Parenthood came to Aurora, Illinois to open one of their abortion supermarts. I've also recommended the web site of Jill Stanek as a very helpful source for those who want to keep up with the story.

However, my young friend Dan Tate drew my attention to a Breakpoint commentary written earlier this month by Prison Fellowship Ministries President, Mark Earley, that gives an excellent overview of the situation -- and which includes some very thoughtful exhortations like those that open this post.

PFM's strong and consistent defense of the sanctity of life amid their splendid gospel outreaches inside America's jails and prisons makes them one of our favorite Christian organizations. May God bless them and their critical service for the Kingdom. Again, Earley's column is right here.

(By the way, the photo accompanying this post shows Earley (who served as a Virginia state senator and attorney general before being named PFM President), sharing the Word of God with inmates of a Texas prison.)