Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fort Collins City Council Fails to Put the Kibbosh on Christmas

The progressive, enlightened solons that comprise the city council of Fort Collins, Colorado decided to create a task force to help them "revise" the city's participation in what over 90% of Americans stubbornly call Christmas.

Step Number One: Put in charge of the committee the head of the local ACLU. Yeah, that makes sense.

Step Number Two: Accept as fair and reasonable the committee's recommendations of no Christmas lights, no use of the word "Christmas," no Santa, no nativity scenes, no use of the colors red and green, no Christmas trees, no angels, and to furthermore squelch anything even remotely connected to Christmas. Instead, they suggested decorations of icicles and a prominent use of the color...uh...brown.

Step Number Three: Follow the party line religiously (irony intended) and stoutly, snobbishly and unceasingly deny that there is a war on Christmas.

What happened next? Well, a few hundred of those stubborn Christmas revelers turned up at the next city council meeting and...